Do You Need a Car and a Smart Phone to Make Money?

You will need a smartphone to get a job and keep it in the current economic situation. You will also need a car to get a good job, which means you must have a good driver’s credential.

That’s fair in today’s world, you will need these two things, even if you want a job that offers fast food like pizza. Yes, a pizza delivery driver. Of course, you will need car insurance and the pizza delivery company will not pay for this and you will have to use your own car. These so-called places of employment exist throughout Canada, the United States of America, and Europe. They will trick you into thinking you are a single business, but they will treat you like an employee without the benefits.

Of course, to work for this company, you will need a car and a smartphone. This will have to pay. The company offers very poor compensation and people are very rude people to work for.

This is happening in my country and it is very sad to see. However, this is happening around the world and must stop. Working in these places is not fun. They will use you and take your weak personality and use it to make you a slave to their very bad way of treating people.

Many of these places offer employment. However, it is very fast and stressful with low wages. It is especially bad as a delivery driver, as you are forced to use your own vehicle and pay for fuel without adequate compensation. Think about it, even if you take home $ 18 an hour driving your car at one of these fast food places, you still have to pay for gas, car insurance, and wear and tear on your vehicle. Of course, they will still treat you as an employee without benefits. But after seeing how they treat employees, it’s probably better to be a delivery driver. However, you will never move forward working for these fast food places.

There are other ways to earn money. Often this requires a little computer knowledge. If you have an internet connection and a smartphone, you can earn money. This involves selling a product on the internet. There are several companies that will allow you to sell your products over the Internet. These companies will allow you to become affiliates at no cost to you. Every time you sell one of their products, they will give you a commission.


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