The current pandemic is challenging all spheres of life. The way we work, shop, exercise, and spend time with our families is changing. There are drastic changes in companies around the world, and fear and uncertainty continue to increase as we try to adapt to our new realities. That also involves marketing. Many of our clients doubt and ask: will we change the way we handle our marketing, will we continue with the same techniques or will we just stop? Today you will have the answers to all these questions.

One thing’s for sure: You can’t go into pause mode unless, of course, you can’t deliver your products or services (many brands rely on China when it comes to production, therefore they simply can’t continue to produce their goods. ). However, if that’s not your case, and your products are still in stock, and your services may still be profitable, then don’t hibernate. And yes, even if your stores are closed they will eventually reopen and it is your responsibility to make sure that your customer base is still there when you reopen your business.

Keep in mind that now, while millions of people are in quarantine or self-isolation, they have more time than usual to watch ads, play games, and navigate social media. Simply put, the general public sees and reads more. And we can assure you, from our own experience, that people are not just looking for news and updates about the coronavirus. They want new attractive and interesting content that you must now create. And this is how you can do it.


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