4 lesser known truth about the big Facebook Reliance deal:

1. Facebook struggled with regulation for 3 years trying to launch WhatsApp Pay due to privacy issues + blocking high paytm access etc. So Facebook made a deal with the great father of Indian companies with access.

2. The new framework recently released by RBI is possibly a great endgame that is being targeted by the association. This framework enables the establishment of a parallel payment infrastructure for UPI throughout the country. $ 5.7 billion is cheap for this scale of access and profit.

3. The privacy debate would rise to the next level, now that WhatsApp / Facebook data + payment data + jio telecom data could be shared. WhatsApp has already removed the obstacle of data localization by configuring servers locally.

4. Facebook also recently released white paper # libra2.0. Libra was initially blocked just when it was released by Indian regulators. The WhatsApp payment and the association could lay a new foundation for boosting the pound. Jio has already been experimenting with blockchain and a jio coin.


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